The word "narkotic" origin from the Greek word of  "narkos" which mean sleep ... Read more Psychotropic or better known as minor tranquiliser is used in treatment... Read more Under the United Nations Convention 1988 a total of 23 chemicals were listed.. Read more
Drugs are substance for therapeutic uses. Some are derived from natural sources while others may be produced synthetically  Drugs which are misused or used for recreational purposes could lead to addiction and subsquently could create social problems involving crime and security. Drug enforcement agencies play their unique roles in combating drug problems in line with the vision in line with the vision of "Malaysian Society Free From Drugs". These agencies are:.
  • National Anti Drug Agency (NADA)
  • Narcotics Crime Investigation Department, Royal Malaysian Police (RMP)
  • Preventive Division (Narcotics), Royal Malaysian Customs (RMC)
  • Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA)
  • Narcotics Section, Forensic Division, Chemistry Department of Malaysia (CDoM)
  • Pharmacy Enforcement, Pharmaceutical Services Division, Ministry of Health (PSD MOH)
Integrated Substance Control Management  System or SPIKES (Malay abbreviation) is an innovative transformation of national substance control initiated from the National Key Results Area (NKRA) Crime Lab under the Government Transformation Programme (GTP) with the aim to reduce street crimes which mostly arie to the drug abuse.PSD MOH to reduce crime particularly street crimes which is found closely associated with drug abuse. PSD MOH as the competent  for the control of  substances such narcotics, psychotropic substances and precursor chemicals has been entrusted to develop the control system with the objectives to ensure all substance are legally used for medical treatment and industrial purposes.
The substances control information which derived from the issuance of licenses, permits and authorisations can be accessed and shared with the relevant enforcement agencies who are the stakeholders in SPIKES. With these information, it would facilitae them in carrying their tasks such as inspections and investigations of substances. SPIKES also facilitate online applications and to date a total numbers of  private medical practitioners who hold psychotropic permit (buprenorphine and methadone) in opiate substitution treatment, pharmacists  who deal with wholesale business of dangerous drugs and authorisations to import and export dangerous drugs / psychotropic substances have been registered in SPIKES
SPIKES is officially managed by PSD MOH and further information may be obtained from the PSD MOH website at www.pharmacy.gov.my
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